Edge Again The First Hand Held Skate Sharpener – Powered and Manual Devices Details & Features

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The Worlds first hand held rechargeable skate sharpening device EDGE AGAIN

Why to have one and how they work

Introducing the first ever rechargeable powered hand held skate sharpening device. EDGE AGAIN uses a Diamond Coated “Tusk Technology” that is patent pending. This technology has been developed along with MAGNA Closures engineering team to accomplish a quick fix to an edge or edges that have received trauma during a hockey game.

The diamond coated tusks micro sharpen the blade’s 4 sides that make up the 2 edges that are on a skate blade. The process does not affect the hollow or the contour of the blade that were created with conventional skate sharpening machines. Extensive testing has proven its viability and trainers/hockey players that have tested EDGE AGAIN, have indicated their desire to own this device.

Skate Blades

Your blades could be effected trauma when walking off the ice

What is a trauma?

  • A trauma is any imperfection in the edge of a skate blade. A trauma can be caused by a collision with another skate, or by walking on your skates on a hard or soft surface. Even though you are walking on rubber dirt or debris can just catch the edge the right way and take away its sharpness.

Dull Skates?

  • What would you do if your blades edge went dull (going blunt) during a game of ice hockey (this would render you helpless on the ice by seriously lower your skating ability and level of control) you don’t always have the facilities open and available to get your blades sharpened on site.

The Edge Again allows you to quickly resort the edge of the blade “bite” (sometimes referred to as sharpness) by running the Edge Again device up and down the blade while the diamond coated “tusk” which is the tool on the device used to sharpen the blade effectively resorting your edge.

With a minimum time of 15 seconds and a recommended time of 45 seconds this could be the difference between you being on the ice and in the game or sitting on the sides wishing you could help.

This device uses a diamond coated tusk

This is the tusk highlighted in red

How the Edge Again Sharpens the blade and how the tusk sits on the blade while sharpening

The tusks work on both the manual and powered units. Edge Again tusks are designed to self align on the skate blade regardless of your hollow or profile, this is possible due to the tusks being made from flexible heat treated steel allowing it to conform to the blades shape. The tusks diamond coating only micro files tips of all 4 sides, bringing them back to sharp edges

As shown below

For more information about Edge Again and to order, visit EDGE AGAIN


Hockeytutorial.com review of Edge Again

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