What is the Green Biscuit (Training Puck) ? (Written and video review)

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What is the Green Biscuit?

The green biscuit is an off ice ice hockey training puck that is designed to replicate the feeling of stickhandling with a real hockey puck on ice. While many products on the market today promise the real feel of stickhandling off ice (most always failing to deliver) I can only think of very few that give us a real feel for off ice training.

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What about the Green Biscuit, how does it work and compare?

Read more and find out..

My First look at the Green Biscuit & its Design

One of the first features I noticed about the Green Biscuit, was that fact that it was two separate pieces with a hollow spot in the middle joined by three metal bolts around and cushioned with rubber spacers in the middle the centre of the puck, most off ice training pucks I’ve encountered have always been 1 solid piece, this design allows the Green Biscuit’s to separate piece to move (very slightly) individually, the bolts act like shock absorbers. The bottom piece on the GB takes all the vibration, movement (while sliding on the concrete or pavement) and displaces it through these shock absorber like bolts, keeping the GB flat at all times when being used. The idea behind the design is to reduce friction and vibration that will cause pucks to flip over, much like the other training pucks out there. This product does not roll or flip up like so many off ice training pucks out there, A+ in my books.

Does the Green Biscuit work?

I was pleasantly surprised by this product, it is by far the best off ice training puck to use, I found while practicing stickhandling and passing, the Green Biscuit stayed flat and fixed to the ground, the only time it came up very slight was when practicing hard a very fast moves on rough concrete (which still did not affect its performance), but it was never enough to interrupt training as it never flipped over.

For a perfect surface for the Green biscuit, I’d recommend a stickhandling and shooting pad which further reduces friction allowing the GB to slide ever better.

Passing and Stickhandling with the Green Biscuit

The GB was great for practicing passing, we used a tennis court for our test, fairly smooth surface to practice on, the GB worked very well on a variety of different passes (backhand, long, hard and quick) it felt like the closest replication to passing on ice (without any flipping up) If you would like to work on your stickhandling or passing off ice, I’d defiantly recommend getting one.

Can you shoot with it?

The Green biscuit is made for passing and stickhandling, so that would be a BIG no! There not made to be smashed against a wall, id stick to using standard hockey pucks for that, use this for stickhandling and passing practice.


If you are in the United Kingdom or Europe and would like to buy The Green Biscuit, contact us Chris@hockeytutorial.com

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