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CCM Jetspeed FT7 Pro –

  • Kickpoint: Hybrid kickpoint
  • Shaft Technology: Nanolite shield carbon layering – Cutting-edge technology that uses variable carbon fiber layers to create a lighter stick without sacrifying on durability.
  • Shaft Geometry: Round “R” Geometry – Streamlined shape with rounded corners and concave sides that keeps gaining in popularity. It delivers high performance and ultimate comfort.
  • Taper Technology: Skeleton + Manufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability in key moments of the game.
  • Blade: RR-110 X-Soft helicoid blade – Softest CCM blade now leveraging Helicoid technology, with its smaller increments of carbon layer stacking to increase blade durability while significantly improving stick feel when passing and stickhandling.
  • Grip: FT Microfeel – Raised grip added on the bottom edges of on the mid-section of the shaft to ensure perfect stick control.

By Chris Kibui

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