How To Select Or Pick My First Ice Hockey Skates For Beginner Intermediate & Advanced

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The first thing many skaters and hockey players do when selecting their first ice hockey skates is to go with what they have seen on the NHL, although these skates looks great, they may not be the correct pair for you. “There is no such thing as the best ice hockey skates, there is only the best pair for an individual”. NHL hockey players have been in the sport for years and are of course professionals who require high performance skates, they have years of experience and know how to use them. It all begins with a simple entry level pair of skates, these allow the skaters to learn how to apply pressure to the skate during tight turns, stopping etc, once you understand how to flex and apply pressure to the boot in order to get the desired affect, you are able to move up the models in skates (if at all necessary)

Something that many skaters don’t know is that high performance skates ARE NOT MADE TO LAST, they are simply made to give the user a high level of performance for a short amount of time (1 professional season if your lucky), in other words, using these skates recreationally is pointless and just for show (waste of money).

We selecting your first pair of ice hockey skates, you need so consider a few important points before even deciding on a brand make or model:

  • Build and weight – Your build and weight will have a massive impact on what ice hockey skates you require as the heavier or more built you are, the stiffer and more supportive your skates need to be (increase the price and level of skate you should get)
  • Ability – Different people have different abilities, if the skater or hockey player takes to the ice well and develops very quickly or is simply one of those “born to do it” types, then he or she will require a higher level skate regardless of how long they have been skating for (the skate needs to be able to support the skates while giving them the key performance features there level requires).
  • Time on the ice – The frequency of your time on the ice will also affect what level skates you need. If you will be on the ice once or twice a week, then a entry level skates will do (depending on ability and build of course). If you on the ice 3-4 times each week, then the level of skate you require will be more towards to intermediate level (as once again the skate needs to offer you the support, performance and durability you need).


Finding balance and understand what level of skate you need is incredibly important as selecting an incorrect skate level will only hinder and restrict your own development and learning, ignore the glam and glitz and do the right thing:

What goes first when selecting your first hockey skates?

  1. Size
  2. Comfort
  3. Can you ouse them properly ?
  4. Performance and level
  5. Style and look are DEAD LAST!   (keep this in mind and be smart about your choice)


What features should i look for in my next or first pair of ice hockey skates?

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