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In this article I’ll be going over a few tips that will help you learn your crossovers and power turns on your weak side. One of the biggest issues with learning to skate at ice rinks during public sessions is that the skating direction never changes. This means that a large portion of skaters will only master turns and crossovers in one direction. With this article I’ll show you how to overcome this.



A great way to learn crossovers on your weak side is by over exaggerating the crossover motion and turning it into a delayed crossover, this allows you to develop all of the key skills (confidence, balance and use of proper edges). To get started with this exercise¬†perform a crossover and once you’ve crossed one skate over the other, hold this position for around 5-6 seconds (or more depending on how difficult you find it to balance)

This is a great way to develop your balance, confidence and use of correct edges when leaning on them on your weak side. As you develop and become more confident, increase the speed you perform this exercise (taking your crossovers from delayed to normal speed).

Power Turns / Hockey Tight Turns

Moving onto Power Turns or Tight Hockey Turns: A great way to learn this turn on your weak side is to focus on the mains points. Depending on which direction your turning in, you always want the skate corresponding with your turning direction to lead the turn (i.e. if your turning to the right, allow your right skate to lead the turn).

You also want to make sure your using the correct edges. Following your skates into the turn and maintaining the same level until you come out of the hockey turn. Also try and keep your butt low to the ice.

Tight turn video tutorial

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