ProFormance Stick Wax Review – The Best Ice Hockey Stick Blade Wax

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It’s Time to Get GameSerious

ProFormance Wax Company brings you the first and only line of hockey stick waxes and waxing process that lets you fully customize the “feel” and tackiness of your stick. All of the waxes are designed specifically for hockey so they guarantee the waxes will last longer than any wax on the market. By using the entire PF waxing process, you will see and feel the difference in your game. Get in the game with ProFormance Wax. With ProFormance Waxes, you get:

  • Waterproofing of tape
  • Enhanced puck control
  • Resistance to snow/ice build-up
  • Increased shot accuracy
  • More lift and spin on shots
  • Customized level of tackiness
  • Long lasting tape and tack
  • Added handle grip



There are many ways to tape a hockey stick, most players will have their own style and method of doing so. The majority of players will use stick tape, however the numbers of players using wax is always lower (in my experience). Waxing your stick blade has many benefits and I believe that all players should at least try wax out before disregarding it.

Why should a hockey player wax their stick?

There are several different reasons you may choose to wax your stick:

  • Reduces ice and snow build up on stick blade
  • Extends life of tape and repels water
  • Gives tackiness and grip for increased control of the puck
  • More Spin on the puck

Here is a video cover the benefits and different types of wax hockey players use



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