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Review and overview of the new fantastic hockey stick from Sher-wood Hockey.

The EK15 is fantastically light, its the first thing you notice when you pick up this new stick from Sher-wood. I’ve been able to move the puck around the ice much easier and more comfortably. This new twig really benefits those players that use a lot of wrist and snap shots and with its low kick point, you get a quick release on all your shots with insane accuracy.

Sherwood Rekker EK15 Hockey Stick Review - Because Details Matter 2


The Shaft comes in a tacky and matte finish giving everyone the chance to pick what they prefer. I normally use a matte finish shaft but on this occasion, I decided to go for tacky. The profile of the has a contoured feel with a double concave sidewall and rounded corners.


Shwerwood ek15 rekker hockey stick review


I’ve really been able to feel the difference with the Stabiliser, its a carbon fibre insert which helps to add rigidity to the stick blade reducing any unwanted movement affecting the accuracy of your shooting. Stickhandling will take some getting use to as the weight different I experienced switching from my CCM RBZ to this REKKER EK15 was massive.


Sherwood EK15 REKKER Ice Hockey Skates 3


  • Constructed with an ultra resistant carbon fiber which is 30% lighter than the competition.
  • More durable than what can be built by machine, eliminating any surplus materials and defects
    which can result in pre-mature breakage.
  • Production time is eight times longer than the mechanized method.
  • Provides a consistent flex throughout the shaft creating a perfect balance between lightness
    and sustainability.
    Sherwood Rekker EK15 Hockey Stick Review - Because Details Matter 4




My experience using the REKKER EK15 stick has been incredible, detail has always meant a great deal to me and its fantastic to see a company taking the time to produce something truly great. Machine building products is the way of the world but as with any item mass produced, quality will always suffer as a result. Although the use of the ekore handmade manufacturing process takes around 8 times longer than the traditional machine building process, this gives you a more consistent stick flex and feel while also creating a more refined product that will feel newer for longer and last much longer. Sherwood have changed stick manufacturing and set a bench mark for others to attempt to achieve.

Sherwood Rekker EK15 Hockey Stick Review - Because Details Matter 3

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