Easton Stealth RS Ice Hockey Skates Details Of Features Review

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Easton have totally redesigned this skate like no other Easton skate other there, lets take a look at exactly what they have done.

Easton has designed the stealth RS skate to be light weight and responsive with enhancements that provide better modality and forward flex, they have a generous anatomical fit profile giving you a nice secure fit in the ankle and heel area with a little additional room in the front of your foot. The liner is a Bio Dry moisture wicking material that keep you comfortable and dry. EPP super modudable foams are also included for a customer and secure fit.
The toe cap has been redesigned to have a more anatomical low profile look and feel. It has been created from scratch to reduce the overall unnecessary movement of your toes which enables you to drive the skate forward more powerfully and efficiently than ever before.
Easton have used a fused composite in the quarter package of the skates made up of HDPE,  EPP,  800D POLY AND TPU This is a combination of thermo plastics and foams (3 of which are heat modulable) will increase heat modulability and responsiveness. The 4 layers react better than anything Easton have used before and most importantly they will maintain their custom fit premaritally.
All of the skates high ware areas have been fitted with Injection moduled pieces to increase the durability:
  • Sides of the skate
  • Tendon guard
  • Heel potion
Easton have also lowered the hight of the boot by 5mm this gives the skates a better range of motion and still enables them to get onto the balls of their feet for a quick and correct skating stride. This will also increase forward flex increase overall speed and acceleration.
The Stealth RS provide a generous amount of lateral support, the heel and ankle padding on the inside is a generous anatomically shaped memory foam under a nicely finished Bio Dry liner. This combination is very comfortable and will greatly reduce heel slipping
This design plus the fact that these skates respond so well to heat baking will give you a great ‘out of the box’ fit and will seriously reduce break in time.
The foot bed features Duro Supernatural fit system with adjustable arch support thickness inserts:
The skates come with 3 different arch support inserts for:
  • high arch red
  • low arch orange
  • flat foot. green
The RS skates also have been fitted with a comfort edge designed to create a soft edge around the top collar of the skate specifically targeting the area that cuts into your legs while corning, the soft edge will reduce overall pressure at one point during turn tights.
Great comfort from preformed felt and foam tongue which also has an injected plastic lace bite protector. This tongue design still allows for great forward flex and mobility.
Outsole is a light weight Texalium outsole (full composite) features Dry Flow moisture drainage system on the outsoles base.
Extra copper have also been added on the front of the skates rivets to keep the holder fixed to the outsole for better energy transfer and durability
Blade – BLADE: Razor Bladz® Elite blade system with stainless steel. Features cuts for blade strategic flex and reducing skate weight.
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