Hockey Shooting and Stickhandling Training Pad vs Dryland Hockey Tiles – Which is best and what is the difference ?

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In this article we take a close look at the different Hockey Shooting and Stickhandling Pads and Dryland Hockey Training Tiles that are out there, we aim to make your decision between the different training aids a little easier.

Products included in this article 

  • Pro Size Hockey Shooting and Stickhanlding Pad (76.2cm by 152.4) 3mm thick
  • Roll Up shooting and Stickhanlding Pad (100cm by 200cm) 1.5mm thick
  • Dryland Hockey Training Tiles (each tile 30cm by 30cm)
The most popular question I get asked about these pads and tiles is:
1. Which slides the best?
As all of these Shooting Pads and Dryland Tiles are made form a similar material, they react in almost the exact the same way, FlyPucks, Pucks and Green Biscuits will slide incredibly well on these surfaces. As as word of caution I would recommend using second hand or used pucks on the pads, brand new pucks tend to be incredibly rubbery which restricts there sliding until they are slightly more worn.
Pro Size
Roll Up
Dryland Hockey Training Tiles

The thickness of the pads also slightly affects there sliding, the thiner the pad is will usually results in improved sliding (Roll Up pad is a great example).
2. Which size should i get ? 
The size of shooting pad you get is best determined by how much space you have and also how much uses the pad will get. If you are short of space and want something to practice a little shooting and stick handling, the Pro Size Pad will be best. IF you a good amount of space and would like to practice every aspect of stickhandling and shooting, the Roll Up Pad will best. If you are after a training area that you can expand on in time, the Dryland tiles are best.
Please note that if you would like a pad that can be easily sorted or moved in a car etc, I would recommend the Roll Up Pad.
3. Best value for money?
An important questions I which pad gives you the best value for money “bang for buck”. The best value for money (short term) would be the Roll Up Pad, it gives you the biggest space any of the shooting pads can offer for shooting and stick handling. The best value for money long term would be the Dryland tiles, these tiles are slightly more expensive but they allow the user to build and expand on their training area at will. This means that more than one user could practice at the same time with a number of different training aids like the Passmaster and Sweethands.
4.Which is best?  
5.which is best for stickhandling more than shooting ?
This answer ties into both questions as different sizes will benefit different players. If you’re more interested in working on your shooting with maybe a little stickhandling here and there, the Pro Size Pad will suit you. IF your after using other training aids like the PassMaster or EZPuck Onetimer and also the Sweethands then the Roll Up Pad or Large Pad (both 1m by 2m) will suit these requirements. For a player that would like to work on Shooting as much as stickhandling, the bigger the space they have the better ! Roll Up pad all the way.
Another factor that will affect your choice is storage, if you need something that can be sorted quickly and easily then the Roll Up pad  and Dryland tiles comes up on top as both of these products can to sorted easily.
My personal favourite
When I first got hold of these Shooting Pads, the Roll Up quickly became my favourite as being a student as university I was limited for space. I was able to set it up when required, then roll it up and sort it when not in use. Now that I have more space, i prefer the Dryland tiles as I’m able to create a custom size training area for all my needs.
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