SweetHands Off Ice Stickhandling Trainer – Sweet Hands

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What is SweetHands?

SweetHands is a stickhandling training aid. It is a unit that can be used as a 8 ft section or divided into two 4 ft sections. There is an extra base piece with each unit to make the two 4 foot sections.This stickhandling trainer will enhance your hockey skills enabling players to achieve better puck control, feel, and become a better

Stickhandling Trainer - SweetHands

hockey player!

Using SweetHands, an effective stickhandling trainer will:

  • Increase your stickhandling speed and timing.
  • Improve eye and stick coordination.


SweetHands is available in 3 configurations:

Regular – The original SweetHands stickhandling trainer is intended for home use and for coaches that want to integrate some drills in their practice. Can be used as one 8 foot section or in two 4 foot sections.

Super – The Super SweetHands is the “commercial grade” of the SweetHands product line and is designed to withstand more constant use and abuse; whether that is in the garage or at hockey camps or hockey schools. Can be used as one 8 foot section or in two 4 foot sections.

Mini – Great for the beginner and youth player to develop those soft hands from the beggining. Same design as the Reglar SweetHands but only 4 feet long.

How does SweetHands work?

Our revolutionary stickhandling trainer and best-seller, the SweetHands, takes the guess-work out of how to get young hockey players to execute proper stickhandling techniques. SweetHands was developed because using pucks or cones on the ice does NOT teach proper stickhandling. Using cones or pucks just teaches a player to push the puck around when skating.
  • By maneuvering the puck or ball in and out of SweetHands forces the player to lift their stick up and over the connecting arm and regaining control of the puck or ball.
  • Lifting your stick up and over the connecting arm, you’re delayed in recovering the puck or ball. This delay will force you to roll the wrist of your controlling hand, or top hand, to recover the puck or ball.
  • The rolling of the wrist is critical to the improvement of all stickhandling skills.
  • Stickhandling is a skill that is never perfected and must be constantly practiced, even at the college and professional levels
  • After technically mastering each individual skill, the player will advance to higher speed movement drills, as well as partner passing, utilizing forehand, backhand and saucer passing. 

Why does it work?

  • The keys to mastering any hockey skill especially stickhandling is proper technique and repetition – repetition – repetition.
  • A player can see their improvement by the efficiency of doing SweetHands.
  • The less time it takes to go forward and backwards thru the SweetHands without a mistake is a testimonial to their improvement.


The SweetHands stickhandling trainer is a light weight, quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, so its no problem to throw all the pieces into a small duffle bag to take to and from the rink! SweetHands is a dual purpose hockey training aid and can be used equally well in both on-iceand off-ice settings. (Only stickhandling trainer on the market that has SPIKES for ice usage….creates better stability on the ice)

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