Snipers Edge Shooting Accuracy & Power Goal With Puck Trap

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The perfect compliment to your off ice hockey training program

The Snipers Edge is a multi purpose reinforced vinyl tarp that features an outline for a regulation size ice hockey goal with a goalie placed in the middle of the on it. This not only gives you a more realistic shooting experience., but also allows you to work on aiming accuracy and power.The Snipers Edge has shooting traps located on all four corners of the goal and also one between the goalies legs, these gives you something to aim for rather than just shooting into an empty goal. The puck traps will hold any pucks shot into them giving you a little reward and confidence boost when you score.

Great for developing a harder, more accurate shot for any level hockey player. Make your garden, garage, fence or local park the ultimate hockey training area with this heavy duty stitched tarp. Tarp can also be placed in a basement or hung from a wall or fence and quickly turn any area into a great and portable off ice training centre.

Setting the Snipers Edge Tarp Up

Setting up the Snipers Edge isn’t a big deal at all, advertise that it will take around 20 minutes for 2 people to set it up, it only took me (alone) 5-10 minutes. I would always recommend at least 2 people install the Snipers Edge to speed things up, setting it up alone can be a little tricky.


Quality of the Snipers Edge Tarp

The overall quality of the tarp is great, a massive amount of attention to detail has been considered while designing this tarp, All stitching is doubled up for durability and the tarp its self is made from reinforced vinyl which will out will a metal goal !

All of the goals I’ve had after taking a few hard shots to the crossbar tend to crack (allow the metal goal frame to develop rust). Once they begin to weaken they always fold around the mid section of the posts. This tarp does not, the reinforced vinyl lasts longer and takes more abuse.

Using the Snipers Edge Tarp

I really enjoyed using the Snipers Edge Tarp, the first thing that I noticed was my pucks didn’t bounce off the posts or crossbars. As this goal is made from reinforced vinyl, I don’t need to worry about pucks flying around and breaking things in my garden (massive bonus). The tarp allowed me to work on my accuracy and power without me feeling like it was a hard off ice training session, it was so much fun trying to hit the puck traps and thats all I had in mind, you don’t even realise your developing skills which makes training fun and rewarding at the same time.

The Snipers Edge works well with training aids like the Dryland tiles and Shootings pads, it gives you a great training experience and along with other training aids like the Sweethands and PassMaster, You’re able to work on a number of skill sets and maximise on your development while having a great time.


Overall thoughts

Overall thoughts I would definitely recommend this product to any hockey players as you’re able to work on a number of different skill sets while enjoying yourself (training works well when its fun). The convenience of being able to set up a goal in minutes anywhere like a park, tennis court or your home garden or garage is definitely a massive advantage. One of the biggest advantages with this goal is that it’s made from reinforced vinyl and not metal so your pucks do not ricochet off of the goalposts (no broken windows or doors in the garden).

Product Highlights

  • Develop Harder, More Accurate Shots And Elevate Your Game To The Next Level.
  • More Practice Time, Less Time Spent Chasing Pucks .
  • The 5 Yellow Target Holes Catch Puck In Common Scoring Locations.
  • No More Broken Windows, Holes In Sheetrock Or Dented Garage Doors.
  • Set it up on your Garage door, fence, wall, tennis court or park in minutes.
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