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What is the PassMaster ?

The PassMaster is a hockey puck rebounder, any pucks passed at the PassMaster will be bounced back towards the player. This allows the user to work on a number of different skills without the need for anyone else.

Product Features

– Great for improving your passing and pass catching skills as well as shooting one-timers.  Develop soft hands and learn to control the puck.

-The PassMaster can be used on-ice or on any dryland surface (concrete, blacktop, floor tiles, etc.), with or WITHOUT a shooting pad,  I’d really like to stress this.

-The PassMaster does NOT have to be attached to a shooting mat – simply place it wherever you want on the mat, at any angle you want, so that the side you are passing to is on the mat.  If you want to use it without a mat, simply place it on the concrete/asphalt and you are ready to go – you do not need to attach any separate weight or anything to it, making it very simple and quick to change where and how the player uses the PassMaster.

-One of the big advantages of this is that you can easily practice long or short passes and one-timers.

-Ice Spikes

-Grips for slippery surfaces

The PassMaster has 3 sides that can be passed to:

  • Allows multiple players to use at the same time.
  • Allows for many different types of drills to be done. For example, the user can face a point of the PassMaster toward him, pass to the right side and catch with the forehand (for right handed players) and then bring the puck to the backhand, pass to the left side with the backhand and catch with the backhand and then repeat over and over.
  • Allows the player, whether in roller-blades or in skates on-ice to skate around the PassMaster and give/receive passes while moving.  This is REAL hockey.
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