Combat Hockey 52 Cal Reloaded Ice Hockey Stick Review – 52 Caliber

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In developing the new 52 Cal Reloaded, Combat engineers were charged with the enormous task of creating a stick that would be worthy of replacing its predecessors (52R and 52S). They not only achieved this, they created a new stick model which is an absolute game changer! In this new design, Combat has taken all of the industry leading characteristics of the 52R and 52S and has morphed them together to create the next generation, an absolute masterpiece, a thing of beauty, the 52 Cal Reloaded… Featuring the unique Axenic Technology, the 52 Cal Reloaded puts the player in direct contact with the ice, providing a more consistent and reliable product with a “feel” that is superior to even a traditional wood product. The unique new shaft with new Aramid replacement weave provides greater durability while lowering weight and optimizing balance, something that all companies strive for but only Combat has achieved. The submarine-grade foam core blade with Active Bond Technology, provide unsurpassed performance while delivering durability that is second to none. At just under 415g, the 52 Cal Reloaded remains the lightest stick available in its class.

Curves: Heel Curve Round (HCR) – Similar to Drury Heel Curve Square – (HCS) – Similar to Lidstrom Iginla Curve – (IC) – Similar to Iginla Mid Curve – (MC) – Similar to Modano Toe Curve – (TC) – Similar to Sakic

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