Ice Festival Liverpool One Outdoor Ice Rink Review – Ice Box

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One of the most important aspects for a season attraction is getting the location correct, if the fixture is placed somewhere it makes it hard or irritating for customers to visit, this will have a knock on effect on the company’s turn over. The Ice Festival in Liverpool couldn’t have picked a better location, it’s situated smack bang in the middle of town giving practically everyone access to its facilities.

Transport and parking

There is also on site multi story parking and  although it wasn’t the cheapest, the rink had no control over this as it was the Liverpool shopping centre’s car parking facilities. The rink also has direct bus route access, so even if you were not driving getting to the ice rink was simple and stress free. Some of the customers we spoke to were not even aware the ice rink was there, they were simple walking through town and happened to see the attraction and couldn’t help but join in. This is a great example of the ice rinks perfect location.


We found a good level of disabled access throughout the Ice Festival.

Ice rink prices

  • Adult £7.95
  • Under 16 £6.95
  • Child  £6.45 (minimum age 5)
  • Family tickets £6.60 (minimum of 4)


Each session latest for 45 minutes with no one under the age of 5years old permitted.

Ice Bar prices 

  • Adult £5.00
  • Child £4.00


Each session last for 25 minutes.


Ice Slide 

  • £5.00 for (3 turns)


Ice Sculpture 

  • £3.50


We were unfortunately too late to catch the ice sculptures but have seen a few videos and pictures of the arrangements which seems to work well with the surrounding attractions.

I feel as though the team setting up the facilities at the Ice Festival worked incredibly well with the awkward space around the Liverpool One Shopping centre, they managed to fit what I consider a mini ice skating theme park or wonder world in a very awkward space. The Ice Box would have had to have EVERYTHING on suit craned in as the entire surface that all the attractions were placed on was above ground level (around 15meters higher than street level). Taking all of these different conditions into account, I feel the Ice Box have made a fantastic effort setting up the Ice Festival.


The Ice rink is in the heart of the action with the ice bar and cafe less than 5 meters away and the ice slide in sight and also just a few feet away. While visiting the Ice Festival you can’t help but appreciate the soundings, there are a number of shops, bars and restaurants which add to the incredible atmosphere. I would highly recommend visiting this venue during the afternoon or night time when all of the festive lights are turn on, it transforms the whole site into a winter wonder land.

Quality of rental skates 

The quality of the rental skates is a problem, however this issue is pandemic as all ice rinks in the UK face this issue, hopefully next winter the Ice Box will up grade their skates to a brand and model which will be better suited and more comfortable for its customers. If the customers as more comfortable, chances are they will return or stay for much longer periods of time. This is an issue that needs to be addressed across the UK in general as all rinks use the same blue Death Wellies.

Time Scale and quality of ice

As I’m sure any customer would agree more bang for your bunk would be ideal as 45mins fly’s by when your having a great time. The main issue is that due to the outdoor ice rinks size and running costs, its difficult if not impossible to allow more ice time as this would create an unpleasant waiting time and queue for the customers of the next session. The size of the ice limits the number of people allowed on the ice which in turn limits the length of each session.

The ice quality was great on both occasions of skating (morning and night) this being an outdoor ice rink it’s always tricky to get the right ice balance. I found the ice was more than acceptable on both my visits. Enjoyed both visits.


The staff and management were incredibly helpful, kind and patient. They took the time to show us around the facilities and answered all the questions we had to ask. We had to chance to meet a large portion of them even including their security, I’ve never felt so welcome at an ice rink so far away from home. I even had the chance to spend time with some of the staff on the ice, great bunch.

Over all and Recommendation

The Hockeytutorial team had an amazing time at Liverpool One Ice Festival, the staff and management were superb to say the least. The main recommendations we had were to upgrade the quality of skates to improve the level of comfort the customers experience. Although the rental skates are standard throughout the UK, I feel that if they were more suitable and comfortable, customers would have a better experience and spend more time on the ice.

Another recommendation would be to adapt the ice slide so it’s a little longer and follows through after the slop onto ice rather than carpet. A few of the skaters that visited with me would like to see this adaptation for a more enjoyable time on the ice slide.

We also had the chance to hear about some of the possible changes for the Ice Festival coming in November 2013 and our recommendations have already been included. I seriously look forward to visiting this Winter Wonder Land again in November 2013.

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