The Revolutionary Botas Forsage Pro 511 High Performance Ice Hockey Skates

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FORSAGE 511 PRO Ice Hockey Skates

To begin this review we’ll start off with Botas top end ice hockey skates intended for intermediate and advanced skaters/players. The PRO model features a new and improved design with an ergonomic construction, high wearing materials with comfort and safety as a top priority, low weight and a carbon out sole. These are all of the features found on a top end ice hockey skate offering very skilled skaters and hockey players to comfort, support and protection they require.


The weight of these skates is 890 grams based on a size 9US senior skate.

Blade & holder 

The holder is a lightened construction Ice Hawk Pro Holder with stainless blade high performance CR/Vanadium Steel – Low weight and excellent skating properties enable fast acceleration, excellent manoeuvrability and stability.


The Forsage Line of skates offers a full carbon fibre and glass outsole which reduces the overall weight while increasing torsional rigidity and maximum transfer of energy. The outsole also feature the Pro Air Flow system form Botas that will extract heat and moisture from inside the skate keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Quarter Package 

Ultra light weight tech mesh quarter pattern which is fully thermo formable with retro quarter stitching. 511 skate features a double reinforced and stitched quarter for effective absorption of lateral impact and reinforced firming of the side of the boot. The way these skates have been constructed is to maximise a players performance but not to reduce the level of support, protection and comfort they have. The perfect blend of modern technology and experienced skate manufacturing have lead to one remarkable product with an unbelievable price tag.

Quick dry – Soft and highly comfortable lining with anatomical hydrophobic foams will aid quick drying to keep your feet comfortable inside the boot.

Thermo active padding 

Specially designed Pro Thermo active padding foams will rapidly adapt to the shape of the individuals foot shape for perfect fixation of the foot inside the boots.


Soft padded and anatomically correct nylon liner combined with synthetic materials for maximum comfort. This is also a hydrophobic liner.

Botas air insole 

The insole is a replaceable comfortable anatomical insole with the dry flow air system to wick away any moisture out the skates keeping your feet more comfortable.

Tendon guard

The Tendon guard has been specially constructed to facilitate greater dynamic movement and an optimal hockey stance to put the player in great position to improved acceleration and responsiveness.


The Tongue features a new design that I haven’t found on any other skate. This new design is a Super Slim and anatomically shaped tongue made from lightened felt featuring an integrated metatarsal guard to prevent lace bit  for a better and more flexible fit that protects the foot.

Heel and tendon guard 

Proper anatomic support of the ankle along with maximum stability will translate into great transmission of energy to the blade. The better the skate is constructed perfectly fit the shape of your foot and reduce the unnecessary empty space inside the skate. The more responsive the skate will be on the ice. Botas have created a skate with a tough yet surprisingly manoeuvrable anatomically shaped heel and ankle part of the upper with internal individually adapting soft pads which ensure a perfect grip and protection of the foot.

Toe cap

The Botaz Forsage 511 Pro feature a highly practical construction with a tough plastic tip with increased room for toes, this guarantees maximum toe protection and high durability of the boot.


The attention to detail on these skates is simple stunning, here are a few more pictures.

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