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Hockeytutorial were asked to review the Ice rink set up at Liverpool One the outdoor ice rink ‘The Ice Festival’ which features an Ice bar, ice sculptures, ice rink and also an ice slide. We were joined by GstarSk8Star from Telford to test out the facilities. This video is a video blog of our trip. The review will be uploaded shortly.

Our journey began at 3am (5th January 2013) in the morning when  I got to to leave and pick up the 2 other guys joining me on our trip. I was unfortunate enough to draw the short straw and drive the 420mile round trip to Liverpool. After picking up the other 2 guys joining me (Olley Talibudeen Freestyle skater & Samir Jusupovic aka N.V the singer Download Music) we set off. I thought that it might be fun to record a vlog of our 210 mile journey to Liverpool.

First stop off

After leaving so early in the morning, none of us had anything at all to eat, we desperately tried to find an open fast food outlet with no luck. After crossing Birmingham we gave up and stop off at a local service station with a Star Bucks.

Arrival in Liverpool

We arrived at the Hotel IBIS in Liverpool town centre 1 hour earlier than we intended on arriving, all we could think about was the missed hour of sleep we all could have had. We then met up with our contact Neil from the Ice Box and made our way into the area the ice rink had been set up (Just above Liverpool One shopping centre).

The Ice Festival 

The set up and arrangement the Ice Box created was spectacular to say the least, the bar and cafe which featured an ice bar beyond the bar and seating area was incredible. We were able to get a private tour around the facility and had nothing but a pleasant experience with all of the members of staff. Click here for the review

After reviewing the ice rink we had a chance to test the different facilities out. We had a few freestyle skaters with us and I know from personal experience there is nothing better than a little private ice time.


Check out the full video above to exactly what we got up to.

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