G1 Extreme Slideboard Overview (Here in the UK and Europe)

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Finally in the UK !. There are a number of slideboards on the market and in this article we will be reviewing the G1 Extreme Slide board.

-Purpose, price, and some training that you can do with it.

Purpose – what is the G1 Slideboard and what is it for ?


The G1 slide board is designed to develop and improve lateral movement, balance, agility and coordination on the ice (for skating and stickhandling). This is achieved by simulating an environment that shares the same characteristics as what a skater or hockey would experience on the ice. The user is able to slide from side to side (using specially designed sliding boots rather than skates) on the Slideboard as if they were striding from side to side on the ice. Like no other slideboard the G1 allows the skater to practice their stride (sliding side to side) while stickhandling a puck or ball. This slide board is ideal for skaters, hockey players and goalies as all of their training requirements are met with 1 single device.

G1 Slideboard in use 

This training aid allows a skater and hockey player to practice and perfect the most crucial skill, skating!. To utilise the slideboard correctly, the user must perform a stride motion that is distinctively similar to the motion used for skating on the ice. Repeating and performing this ‘stride motion’ of the ice will allow players to develop the required muscle memory to fully utilise their skills on the ice, not to mention develop and build their muscles in the process “its a hell of a work out”.

What Can the G1 Extreme Slideboard be used for?

There are a number of applications for the slideboard, some of which include:

  • Skating stride (sliding side to side / forwards and backwards)
  • Stickhandling and puck control (while sliding, or while standing off of the board / walking around it)
  • Shooting (while sliding to practice weight transfer)
  • Passing (using the rebounder or a friend)
  • Face-offs (using the attack triangle or a friend)
  • Quick starts (like on the ice)


What Comes with Your G1 Extreme Slideboard


  • 5 x 8 slideboard
  • 6 rotating discs
  • 2 rectangle stoppers
  • 3 sets of booties

“Used by some of the leaders in hockey development today including Scott Livingston of the Montreal Canadiens, Peter Freisen of the Carolina Hurricanes, NHL goalie  Jocylyn Thibault and others.” -HS


Price – The G1 Extreme Slideboard sells for around $380 US So until the UK price is shown we’ll have to wait and see, but as this product is an all in 1 shooting pad, puck rebounder and slide board, I cant image the price being low.

Setting up the G1 Slide board – There is not much setting up required for the G1 Extreme slide board. Lay the slideboard down on a flat hard surface, the best material would be something like tiles, wooden flooring or kitchen flooring, but the slideboard can also be used on short cut carpet. Once the slideboard is setting up, you can insert the stoppers (the things you push off when practicing your stride). You get 2 types of stoppers round discs and rectangles. The discs are used if you want to practice your forward and backwards stride and the rectangle stoppers are used to practice lateral movement or side to side stride.

To get the stoppers in place you simply need to align the white part on the bottom of the stopper with the appropriate hole in the slideboard. Once the white part is in the hole you just knock it into the designated space and this will lock the stopper into place.

Short Overview of the G1 Extreme Slide board

  • Large surface is great for sliding and stickhandling
  • The slideboard allows skaters and hockey players to practice a number of important skills
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Very smooth for sliding and stick handling

The slideboard is a great multi-purpose training aid that allows skaters and hockey players to practice a number of essential skills. I really love this product as being in the UK and Europe all I’ve ever wanted is a training aid that I can maximize my training on. As the G1 Slideboard is for power sliding and stick handling it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. I wouldn’t want to buy a slide board and a shooting pad (this product is both!). With the G1 Extreme you can work on the fundamentals of skating in addition to stickhandling and shooting. The main advantage of the G1 Extreme is the size, please don’t expect such a product to feature a low price tag. The G1 Slide board can be use for stickhandling, shooting and practicing your skating (all while in motion, just like skating).


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