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What Can I Do With My Old (First Pair) Of Ice Skates ?

One of the things that any skater or hockey player will encounter in their life, is moving on from an old pair of skates. The issue is although everyone likes to have something new… sometimes the old is still important and may not want to be disregarded. But what can you do with an old pair of skates ? the most common or popular decision is to simply sell them on to some friends or list them on eBay. Surely there must be more practical solution that we can use, especially if you want to keep your skates.

So what I’ve come up with is a stylish frame that would comfortably fit in any household regardless of style or uniqueness. The particular frame that I used fits my home to ‘T’ as I prefer things to be very minimalistic.


This this idea was inspired simply by wanting a stylus place to store my skates so they could be safe and remember that time to come. I didn’t want my first skates that¬†helped me to develop and achieve so much to simply lay on the floor collecting dust or end up on eBay. This is a much better place for them to be appreciated for time to come.

Other reasons for framing skates?

There are probably lots of different reasons why somebody may want to find their skates. I feel this idea may work in the same way that some parents like to frame their children’s first shoes. I feel the same idea will transfer incredibly well, parents may like to frame their children’s first skates.

I have also decided to frame another pair of skates that I own. Finding the perfect pair of ice skates can sometimes seem like an impossible task, every so often some of us are able to do this. Unfortunately the skates that I have found to be a perfect match for me are now no longer in production. Instead of using these skates into the ground and then searching for replacement parts, I’ve decided to frame the skates in order to present their condition. I know some may find this silly but its a decision that I’ve decided to make.

MLX Ice Hockey Skates Framed

Hopefully this idea will benefit some of you out there, it can be incredibly difficult to know what to do with an old pair of  skates so hopefully this idea gives you a creative method in order to remember and keep your skates for time to come.


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