Why not to Wrap or Tie your laces around the back on your skates & What you need to know about laces

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What you need to know about laces
First off they aren’t all the same. The major brands you’ll find on the market are A&R laces and Pro Guard. Pro Guard laces are pretty fluffy and thick. A&R laces are generally pretty tightly woven and not at all fluffy.

Laces come in one-foot increments. However the people who make laces don’t want you to remember what length your laces are. This way you buy a lot of extra laces that are too short and they get extra repeat business. For this reason, laces are sold in sizes that are designated by inches rather than feet. Typical sizes for skate laces are 72-inch, 84-inch, 96-inch, 108-inch and 120-inch.

Why not to Wrap or Tie your laces around the back on your skates

This is a good question but, you shouldn’t do that as there are long lists of problems that can cause, if you find yourself doing that, it might be a good idea to get shorter laces. So in short, it doesn’t help with anything,

  • It decreases your range. When you are in full?stride, your ankle should be forward while your tendon guard is back.
  • By tying them around the back, it restricts the motion of your ankles, and if you can’t bend your ankles, you can’t bend your knees.
  • Destroys the tendon guards on a lot of skates due to those parts not being built to take that kind of pressure
  • Accelerate the breakdown of your boots

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