MLX Ice Hockey Skates

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For Skaters, By Skaters

Our story started, in 2001, when my Olympic Speed Skating career ended, and
I began training hockey players. Sprinting was my specialty, and when I
crossed over to hockey I wanted to make hockey players faster by
understanding the elements and concepts behind explosive speed on ice. I
crossed over into the hockey world to not only teach players how to skate
faster and more efficiently, but to train off-ice, specifically for skating. I quickly
realized the equipment players were using was inferior and not allowing them to
perform up to their potential.

Introducing MLX Skates !

“They perform better

than any other skate”

– Sergei Gonchar

Over the past few years Mario Lemieux & several
Stanley Cup champions have been wearing MLX
skates to help create the best performing and
most comfortable ice hockey skate for you.

Skate With More Power and Control

Our flexible tongue and tendon guard give you a better feel for the ice. The
problem with current hockey skates on the market is that they don’t allow your ankle
to fully flex, which really inhibits your full range of motion, especially when leading up
to a “toe flick.”



MLX Tendon Guard allows for a full and natural range of motion during the skating
stride.  Power is built up during the “Loading Phase” of the skating stroke and then
released in a natural and explosive motion all the way through the extension of the
ankle.  With the MLX Tendon Guard “player’s” say they feel quicker, more athletic,
and have more agility in the first few strides.



Achieve a natural, full range of motion. The flexible tongue & tendon Guards on MLX
Skates allow you to make a “back and forth” motion on your ankle which allow you to:

  • achieve a natural full range of motion
  • use bigger muscle groups
  • generate power early
  • achieve an explosive final push (toe flick)

Get a better feel for the ice with a lot more control.

Get truly centered on the ice

Just loosen the bolts, move the the blade to a desired poistion, tighten
them back up, and start skating to make sure you like the way you feel
on the ice. Keep positioning the blade until you’re skating at your
optimal comfort and performance level – it only takes a few minutes.

This design, based on speed skating technology helps you:


skate faster

burn less energy

get more power from each stride

e more efficiently

But don’t worry, when you purchase MLX Skates, we’ll show you how to position them optimally when getting set up.

Better tendon protection

No need to replace the entire skate if the tendon guard breaks

Typical hockey skates require you to repair or replace the skate if
your tendon guard breaks. Many NHL players break their tendon
guards frequently, but luckily, they have NHL salaries that allow
them to buy another pair of skates.



On MLX, our tendon guards are attached to the skates. If they
break, you can replace them. They screw and unscrew with an allen
wrench in about a minute. You can’t do that with any other skate.

All you need is an oven

MLX skates are made so that key areas of the “one piece
composite support structure” mold to your feet, providing much
more support in the arch, inside and outside of your foot, and the
critical ankle bone area as well.



It’s total support from the ground up and all you need is an oven.

Many hockey players from professionals in the NHL to
recreational players have told us that they feel a lot more stable
in their MLX skates after they get set up properly.

Home of MLX Ice Hockey Skates

David Cruikshank Founder of MLX Ice Hockey Skates

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