Bauer Supreme Total One Review

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Bauer TotalOneBauer have released their latest top of the line model – The Bauer TotalOne ice hockey skates. Boasting a complete redesign of the hockey boot from scratch, here’s an analysis of some of the features.

Firstly, the boot looks and feels solid with a nice subtle theme present on the skate – a complete jet black boot with silver accents and a golden bar on the heel location of the boot imprinted with the word “Supreme”, visually they are quite appealing.

The skate boasts numerous features such as Anaform fit, a Reflex tongue,  Tuuk LS fusion runner, as well being one of the lightest skates on the market, weighing in at around 682grams including the blade.

One of the most impressive features of the boot is the anaform fit, this allows for a 100% anatomical fit, which means that the boot completely molds to the shape of your foot.  Using ALIVE composite material, it brings the material closer to your ankles, heels etc this significantly reduces empty space within the boot, allowing for more responsive movement and the ALIVE material holds very well and gives you the feeling that the boot is a part of your body.

The Bauer TotalOne skate also has a unique feature of swappable reflex tongues. Skaters can customise flexability. The tongues come in three different ranges of stiffness from medium, stiff to extra stiff. Having these tongues theoretically allow for superior forward flex and springback, this helps to reduce fatigue and improve skating efficiency.

Reflex Tongue

Another element of the skate is the tuuk fusion blade – instead of using traditional steel blades, the blade is a combination of aluminium and steel reducing weight by 27% while still maintaining functionality.

Overall, there are many great features to be found on these hockey boots, and they offer a top of the range performance in many areas.

RRP UK £650.00


  • 3D AnaFormable ALIVE composite upper
  • Hydrophobic grip-light liner
  • Exterior 3D injected heel cup
  • LightweightAnaform Fit foam ankle pads
  • Customizable Reflex Tongue
  • Superfit+ with stabilizer grip, ALIVE composite inserts
  • Full upper thermoformable
  • Lightweight full NEW Vented Texalium Composite
  • TUUK Lightspeed 2 with TUUK LS 2.1 Power Runner
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