Just Got My Skates Sharpened And Now I Can't Stop Or Turn!??

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Ever wondered why after your skates are sharpened it almost feels like you have to learn how to skate again ? hopefully this video tutorial will answer the main questions you’ve had.

How to hockey stop on sharp skates

As the skates are new and have just been sharpened, you just need to learn how to skate with them like this, all you have to do is lean back slightly more when stopping and keep your knees bent, this adds a little more angle on the blades (as they are sharp) allowing you to stop again. After using them for awhile in that state, you’ll be fine. I’d always recommend skating with sharp (or sharpened) blades, you can’t learn the correct technique on skates that aren’t sharp.



  • lean back (for more angle)


  • bend your knees more


  • head and shoulders parallel to the ice


  • Skates shoulder width apart


“By not having any edge you won’t train your body to utilize sharp turns, edge control or develop any real power. Sure you will have speed and can spin easily, but someone with a hollow and edge control will always out skate you” (Jedifarce)


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