How To BackHand In Hockey Shot

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Back hand shot

A good backhand shot is a difficult skill to master, as the puck must come off the convex (back of the sticks blade) side of your stick. However, there are many times when a backhand shot is your only option, so it’s an important shot to master.

  • Keep your eyes on the target.
  • Turn your body in a 45-degree angle from the net.
  • Slide your bottom hand down the shaft of the stick.
  • Cup the puck with the centre-half of the stick blade
  • Bring the puck behind the back leg.
  • Transfer the weight to your back leg.
  • Dip your front shoulder to get the stick blade flat on the ice
  • As you move your arms across your body, begin to shift your weight to the front leg.
  • The shifting of the weight will get your entire body into the shot.
  • Rotate your upper body by squaring your shoulders to the target.
  • “Snap” your wrist – the bottom hand away from the body and the top hand in close to the body.
  • The follow through will determine the height of the puck. High follow through will make the puck rise while the opposite will happen with a low follow through

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