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This has easily one of the most influential and best ice hockey experiences I have ever had. Being a Kenyan living in the United Kingdom that discovered the sport ice hockey, playing outside on natural ice has been dream of mine since playing my first game. It wasn’t until discovering pond hockey that I began to urge for winter time to come quickly. There is an incredible feeling of freedom and a connection with the outdoors that is established playing pond hockey. All of these factors as well as the elements surrounding you play a vital role in what makes pond hockey such an expectational experience.

In this video the Hockeytutorial crew journey to the Scandinavian country Finland to play pond hockey for the very first time. We’ll be taking you behind the scenes to see what we are doing aside from playing an extreme amount of hockey.

Hockeytutorial’s pond ice hockey trip to Helsinki, Finland. Here is the Mini Hockey Documentary we filmed in Finland “On The Pond – Why do you love hockey”

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