How To Get Quick Backwards Skating Starts In Hockey – Improve backward skating acceleration explosive

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In this video I break down the steps required to learn how to master quick backwards skating starts in hockey. The quick backwards starts are an incredibly useful skill to learn as it can be applied in many aspects of the game and also freestyle skating.


As with almost everything performed of the time, you need to start with a good athletic stance

  • Skates around shoulder width apart
  • Knees bent over your skates toe caps
  • Chest up
  • Shoulders square to the ice
  • Head up (don’t down or too far up in the air)


Body position  

So if your gonna begin learning the Quick Backwards Starts in the same direction as me (crossing over to learn as shown below). You’ll need to begin by crossing your right skate over the left. In order to create the powerful push that will drive you backwards explosively and quickly, you need to use the inside edge of your right skate (around the toe section) to dig into the ice and really push to generate the power and speed.

Starting position

Use toe of inside edge to dig and push, this is why the knee bend is important. Without having your knees bent, You cant create that powerful push.

Once you’ve performed the first crossover, your left skate will need to use its outside edge again around the toe section to dig and push into the ice and perform a cross under. Once you’ve pushed into the ice, you’ll need to use a pull motion to bring your left skate around back along side your right (Use your right skates inside edge to help pull your left skate along side the right). Dig, Push and Pull motion.

Dig push and pull motion with your left skate for the cross under to bring your left skate back along side your right.

Listen to what your skates are doing, you should hear to distinctive dig and scraps as you dig your right skates inside edge toe into the ice for the first powerful strong push. The second scrape will come form your left skates outside edge as you cross under using the dig push and pull motion. Perform 2 quick deep powerful crossovers to the left and one to the right to reset you self to get you going straight again.

Remember to try and control your body level, during your powerful quick crossovers try not to bob up and down as you’ll only waste energy and cover less distance on the ice.

Try to fully extend your leg with each push and crossover to maximise on how much ice you cover during the explosive starts. As with any new skill on the ice remember to practice, practice, practice ! thats the only way to improve.

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