Ice Hockey Skates Sizing Chart And Video (CCM, Reebok, Bauer, Easton, Mission Fuel and MLX)

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Ice Hockey Skates Fitting Tips

Having Ice hockey skates that fit correctly and properly will give you better balance, more control, and more power on the ice.

Key Points to Remember:

When you are trying on the skates for the first time make sure that your heel is positioned deep in the heel pocket of the skate, to achieve this when sitting down, put the skate on and kick the heel back against the chair or wall to ensure you heel is positioned deep in the heel.

Correct Size – Toe’s and Heel fit?:

Stand with your skates laced and your heel snug in the heel cup. Your toes should just barely touch the end of the toe cap (or toe box). Then bend your knees and lean forward into a skating stance. Your toes should pull back slightly from the toe cap inside the skates. Cramped toes are bad, but so are loose sloppy ones.

General skate size conversions and more international conversionsĀ  International General Skate Size Conversion Chart.

Below please see our brand specific charts below for both Senior & Junior sizes. Please Note: These sizes are a guide (sizing can also be down to preference)

Men’s Ice Hockey Skates Sizing Chart


Junior and Youth Ice Hockey Skates Sizing Chart


MLX Ice Hockey Skates Sizing Chart

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