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For power turning to quick starts, all of these skills use crossovers in some way, so its an important skill to learn and develop properly. although some may think that crossovers are a basic skill, it is still important to learn how to perform them correctly as they are so widely used on the ice.

Crossing over allows you to build up an incredible amount of speed while turning, its an effective skill to use in many aspects of hockey and leisure skating.

Main points to keep in mind

  • Head up looking where you are going, shoulders square to the ice not dipped. (stick leads if with stick)
  • Hips turn with your body to give you the  leverage to lift one skate over the next, if your hips don’t turn you wont be able to crossover.
  • Do not allow your shoulders to dip, keep shoulders parallel to the ice
  • When lifting your skate up to crossover, your skates blade needs to be the last part of the blade to come off the ice (flick motion described in video tutorial above)
  • When you perform a crossover, the front portion of the blade needs to be the first part of the skates blade to contact the ice.
  • Remember to maintain the same level while skating and crossing over.



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