Flypuck – Fly Puck Off Ice Hockey Puck 4oz 6oz 8oz UK review

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How does the Flypuck work and how is it designed

The Flypuck (like many off ice pucks) is designed to be used off the ice, the ideal feature of this fly puck is that it will slide and feel like a hockey puck would do on the ice. Flypucks are the same shape and size as a puck but they are available in 3 different weights 4 oz, 6 oz (which is the same as weight as a normal black hockey puck) and 8 oz. The 4 oz puck is designed for repetition and speed, the 6 oz puck is meant to give the user that required feel of a real puck off the ice while the 8 oz is meant for building stick handling (arm and wrist) muscles.

Synthetic ice performance (on the shooting or skill pads)

After testing all 3 pucks on a variety of surfaces, I’ve put together a few points that will hopefully give you a better understand how each of these pucks work.

4 oz Red Flypuck

I’ve found the 4 oz Red Flypuck felt the most like a regular puck on the ice, I’m sure a lot of you are wonder how this is possible when it is intact 2 ounces lighter than a regular puck. The fraction and resistance created by the puck sliding on the pavement is what give the puck a more genuine feel while using it. The weight of this puck mean that it doesn’t stay as flat as the slightly heavier pucks (6 oz) it requires a smooth surface to slide well on.

6 oz Blue Flypuck

I found that the resistance and friction created gave this puck a heavier feel (even though it was infact the same weight as a regular puck).

8 oz Flypuck

This was the heaviest puck and you really can feel the weight while stick handling, this puck is designed to build your stick handling muscles. This puck was able to slide decently but not for great distances due to the weight and level of fraction and resistance generated. This puck is great for using on your Shooting Pads for stick handling and shooting (great shooting and building arm muscles).

How its designed and works

The Flypuck is made from hard plastic and has a hollow area in the middle to reduce the amount of puck touching the ground (thus reducing the friction). The is a sticker in the middle (on the hollow spot) covering metal inserts which give the pucks their weight. These pucks can take a surprising amount of abuse from shooting and long term stick handling.

Using the puck – Stickhandling

Stickhandling on smooth surfaces was great, the Flypuck slide very well and did not flip over easily. Using the Flypuck on rough surfaces did change the performance of the puck, it bounced around and flipped over (increasing speed of stick handling and passing didn’t help). Great puck to use on Shooting Pads or synthetic ice rinks (worked really well with drills, stick handling and shooting off my training pad).

Passing and Shooting

The Flypucks are good for passing on smooth surfaces, if the floor is rough then it can flip up or bounce. Shooting with these pucks its great fun, you need to watch what you shoot against as it will clip and crack if you abuse it (shooting against metal or walls).

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