Flypuck vs Green Biscuit – Fly Puck Compared To The Green Biscuit Off Ice Training Puck

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Flypuck VS Green Biscuit Off Ice Training Puck

The biggest questions when it comes to off ice training pucks is which is the best? as we have used and review both of these pucks, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a break down of their disadvantages and advantages.


Flypuck advantages

  • Slides well on smooth surfaces
  • Can be used for stick handling and shooting
  • Durable design
  • Different weights available for working on speed, strength and repetition.

Flypuck disadvantages

  • This puck is not as versatile as the Green Biscuit and requires a smooth surfaces to slide without flipping over.
  • The Flypuck is much more durable than the Green Biscuit but it is still constructed from hard plastic, if its shot into something very hard (like metal) continuously it will chip, crack and eventually break.

Green Biscuit Puck

  • The Green Biscuit is incredibly versatile and slides well on a massive variety of surfaces.
  • Great for stick handling, passing and drills on a shooting pad on else where.
  • Lighter than a normal puck but due to the friction and resistance created from the puck sliding, it feels a little more like a puck

Disadvantages of the Green Biscuit Puck

  • You can NOT shoot with this puck as it will simply break
  • its design makes it stand out and not always in a good way, it gets stuck in puck rebounders and can be noisy.
  • Not as durable as the Flypuck




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