Green Biscuit Snipe Shooting Puck vs Green Biscuit Off Ice Stickhandling Puck – How Strong Is It & Can Really Shoot With It ?

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  1. How durable/strong is the new Green Biscuit Snipe shooting puck compared to the old Green Biscuit stickhandling puck.
  2. Can you actually shoot with the new snipe puck without it breaking ?

These are some of the main questions on everyones mind regarding the brand new puck from Green Biscuit. In this article we’ll be answering all of those questions by running a test on the new Green Biscuit Snipe that will be an exaggeration of how much abuse the pucks will actually need to endure.

Shooting with the old Green Biscuit

We’ve all done it! even though we ALL know the Green Biscuit was design for passing and stickhandling only. Its difficult to keep that mind when your looking at a goal with the poor Green Biscuit on the end of your stick. As this puck wasn’t designed to take the abuse of wrist or slap shots it literally disintegrated after only a 4-6 shots against a HARD object (in this case a brick kerb).


Incase the first Green Biscuit puck was a little beaten up, I decided to see if another puck would hold up any better. The second Green Biscuit didn’t even make it pasted 4 wrist shots against the brick.


Shooting With the Green Biscuit Snipe puck

The first thing you notice when shooting with the Snipe is the weight difference. The Snipe feels much more like the real deal when shooting. The Snipe held out incredible well under wrist shots, snap shots and also a few slappers. I couldn’t believe how much of a beating the snipe puck could handle. After a few hours of exaggerated shooting abuse, the puck remained in one piece.

So can you actually shoot with the new Snipe puck without it breaking?

The puck only had a few dents and bends along the sides from where the puck had been slamming into the edges of the kerb. As this test was more of an exaggeration of how much abuse the puck would actually need to be able to endure, the new Snipe Green Biscuit can easily handle one timers and wrist shots.

Use your Green Biscuit Snipe Puck without the worry of it breaking. Its surprising how strong the new Snipe puck is, you can still use this puck for passing and stickhandling. We are looking at another incredible product from Green Biscuit… A must have for all hockey players and fans GB SNIPE!

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