Brand New 2013 Green Biscuit Snipe off ice hockey stickhandling, passing and shooting! Puck

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The Green Biscuit Puck has simply been the greatest off ice stickhandling and passing puck on that market. The only issue was that you couldn’t shoot with it as it was designed for stickhandling and passing only…. trust me, we’ve all tried

Green Biscuit have been quick to address this issue with the release of a new puck called the “Snipe” This new puck give the users all of the same benefits with 1 crucial advantage, you can now shoot with it!.

How is it made?

It’s made from a different material with each puck weighing 5.2 oz which is a little heavier than the original Green Biscuit. The idea was to make sure the puck isn’t too light for shooting or it wouldn’t be realistic enough for training off the ice. It’s also a softer material making the puck much more durable.

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Does it look any different ?

The Green Biscuit Snipe Puck appears to look exactly the same as the original Green Biscuit Puck, there is only a slight change in the shade of Green used for the pucks as the Snipe Puck appears to be darker than the original. It also features to words “Green Biscuit Snipe” instead of the usual “Green Biscuit” on the puck itself.

How has it changed ? 

The Green Biscuit Snipe weighs 5.2 oz (official puck weighs between 5-6 oz) instead of the previous 4.6 oz (Original Green Biscuit weight). This increase in weight adds to the realistic part of off ice training. By increasing the weight, this makes the GB Snipe feel more like a real puck on the ice making your training with this puck more game applicable.

Something else I’ve noticed with the shape of the new Green Biscuit Snipe Pucks is the shape of the edges of the puck, it appears to be slightly smother around the edges and not as sharp making it much rounder and very sightly smaller.

Besides this, the Green Biscuit Snipe has been constructed in the same way the previous Green Biscuit was. It still features 2 separate discs that move independently from each other which are attached together by 3 bolts going through the whole puck that feature rubber/foam spacers cushioning each disc from the other.

Stickhandling with the Green Biscuit Snipe

While stickhanlding with the new Green Biscuit Snipe you can definitely feel the extra weight, if you’re on a shooting pad and you switch between an official black puck and the Green Biscuit Snipe, the weight isn’t much different. This aspect makes the Snipe incredibly effective for realistic training at home while shooting. The new Snipe definitely doesn’t slide as well as the first Green Biscuit BUT! it still slides MUCH better and more effectively than ALL of the other so called off ice training pucks (excluding the first Green Biscuit of course). One quick side note is that the new Snipe puck doesn’t slide over joins very well (if you are practicing on a surface that is made with tiles or has edges where to pieces of the surface meet or connect) the puck seems to find the joins and edges or surfaces and flips up due to the extra weight.


Shooting with the Green Biscuit Snipe.. Doesn’t it hold up ?

We totally abused the new Snipe puck by shooting against walls, gates, poles and rocks to see if it could hold up. Surprisingly the puck is totally in-tacked, besides a tone of scratches all over the poor thing it seriously does handle slap shots, snapshots and wrist shots just fine. It’s of course difficult to estimate how long the puck will last, I’ll create another article once mine puck actually breaks… if it does to fill you all in.

No Shooting pad !?

Although Green Biscuit say this new puck removed the need for  a shooting pad, I would still recommend you use one unless you have a stick you don’t mind ruining the blade on. The ground surface isn’t anywhere near as smooth as ice which means you’ll wear your stick out in NO TIME! You have the option of using a cheaper stick BUT thats means adjusting to a different stick every time you hit the ice. Its best to training and play with the same stick so grab a shooting pad.

Here are a few more pictures of the Green Biscuit Snipe Puck.


Order your Green Biscuit Snipe Puck Here

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