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What is the Dangle Glove?

The Dangle glove is a revolutionary stick handling training aid invented and designed by Dan Reja of Dangle Hockey. The concept behind this training aid is a specialised custom constructed hockey glove that has a patented design which includes a moulded metatarsal plastic piece that is situated in the palm of the glove and the remainder of the palm is made with specially selected microfiber material.

The plastic piece is removable using industrial strength Velcro and is to be used as a channel for the hockey player’s stick to fit comfortably into. It inhibits the player from squeezing his bottom hand while stick handling. The microfiber surrounding the plastic piece makes the rest of the palm and finger tips extremely slippery leaving the player with only his top hand to control the puck while puck handling. This and only this technique is the proper way to develop great puck handling skills. This glove is to be used on the hockey player’s bottom hand while training and developing puck handling skills.

Being a glove, it is very intuitive for the player to discover his range of motion in a very short period of time. Unlike a toilet paper roll or pvc pipe, both of which many players have used at home to simulate this technique, the Dangle Glove is on your hand and won’t drop to the bottom of your stick when stick handling from two hands to one hand, and back to two.


The Dangle Glove also puts the hockey player’s stick into his hand in an ergonomically correct position, which corrects a very common mistake kids make when first learning how to play the game.

This glove is extremely effective not only while learning the art of puck handling but also while becoming a faster and better puck handler.

Key points

  • Biomechanical design
  • Proper technique
  • Range of motion
  • Increased wrist strength
  • Improved hand speed
  • Muscle memory

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