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How To Improve Your Hockey Wrist Shot Shooting Accuracy & Win Face-offs Hockey Off-Ice Tutorial

The best shooters are the ones that spend the man hours off the ice shooting thousands of pucks to practice their accuracy and range of shots (Wrist,Snap and Slap). Repetition is key in developing the skill to accurately put those pucks away.

Recommended equipment

  • Pucks
  • Stick
  • Gloves
  • Off-ice training area or hockey shooting pad
  • hockey goal with shooting traps (or another target)

These simple training bits (along with time) are the best way to develop accuracy, build accuracy and technique through repetition.

How to Win Face-Offs in hockey

He who has the puck, controls the game. The team that wins the majority of face-offs win the game.

Face-Offs are all about communication with your team on what your move will be. From there the idea could be to tie or lock up the opposing centres stick allowing you to gain control of the puck.

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