Bauer Vapor 1X 2017 VS Original 1X Hockey Skate review – What has changed?

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Bauer Vapor 1X 2017 Skate vs Original Bauer Vapor 1X 2016/15 Hockey Skate – What has changed ?

Bauer Vapor 1X 2017 Ice hockey skate vs Original 1X 2016 2015 hockey skates review

Bauer 1X 2017 Hockey Skate Changes – Tongue 

  • NEW Flex lock pro tongue
  • 52 OZ three piece. Big thick and comfortable
  • New composite material that is now thermo formable
  • 30% more protective




Bauer 1X 2017 Hockey Skate Changes – Quarter Package 

Bauer has continued to use their 3D lasted Curv composite which is very thermo formable. The shape of the new 1X quarter package is also Off-set or asymmetrical. The inside of the skate extends further out than the outside of the skate. As most of your power during explosive starts comes from the inside area of the foot, having a larger surface to push off from will aid in generating more power, speed and stability.


IMG_1683Bauer has also continued to use their Curv Composite ankle support. This replaces parts that use to be plastic and are now Curv Composite. This offers better support, stiffness and is a much lighter option.


The tendon guard is also asymmetrical offering a better overall skating experience.


Along with the asymmetrical structure of the skate, Bauer have also adjusted the position of the pads inside the skate to fit more accurately over your ankle bones. This offers better contact with your foot and the skate, better comfort and better overall responsiveness.


Bauer 1X 2017 Hockey Skate Changes – Lacing System 

  • Lock fit pro injected lacing system
  • Softer construction than 2015 skate which allows players to get better forward flex.
  • T spaced eyelets for better lace lock

IMG_1032 IMG_1608

Bauer 1X 2017 Hockey Skate Changes – Liner

  • NEW Lock fit pro grip liner
  • NEW Memory foam
  • Enhanced grip
  • Better stability for the foot inside the skate
  • New liner will reduce any unnecessary movement which will improve the energy transfer and responsiveness of the skate.


Buy yours:

North America (1X 2017 Skate) – Monkey Sports 

Europe (1X 2017 Skate) – Monkey Sports EU

North America (Original 1X Skate) – Monkey Sports 

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