The BEST Ice Hockey Workouts In And Off Season – Improve Speed, Strength, Stamina & Power

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The best ice hockey workouts and exercises to improve your speed, strength, stamina and power: Squat, Dead lift, Bent-over Barbell Row, Push Press, Bench Press finished off with strength, stamina and fitness routines.

We’ll be focusing a lot of technique, leave your ego at home. Lift right and lift correctly for the best results.

Off Season hockey workout tips 

Promote strength lower rep range around 5-7 three working sets of that. Lift heavy.

In Season hockey workout tips 

During the seasons, you don’t want to be fatiguing yourself to much due to games and training. Increase your rep range to anything between 10-20. Technique is key.

First Ice Hockey Workout – Squat

This is a big compound exercise that will work your glutes, quads and hamstrings. This exercise is essential for hockey player as when you’re in that Hockey stance, this is where you’re producing the power from.

  • Speed
  • Strength 
  • Stability

All come from the muscles involved in squat.

BEST Ice Hocke Workout dryland gym squat

Main points 

  • Weight in your heels
  • Heel in contact with ground at all times during a squat 
  • Knees above toes 
  • Hips need to be kept even so both legs are developed 
  • Chest square and up
  • Shoulders back


Second Ice Hockey Workout – Dead lift

Another big compound exercise. You’ll be engaging mostly your hamstrings and glutes, quads are gonna be worked along side feeling little controlled pressure in your lower back. You’ll be developing strength in all these areas. The reason a hockey players needs these is to build strength in core muscles which will help in every aspect of the game.

BEST Ice Hocke Workout dryland gym dead lift

Main points 

  • Heels on the ground 
  • knees around shoulder width apart (closer together than squat) 
  • Hips need to drive through the exercise 
  • Stall tall 
  • Arms maintain the straight position
  • Shoulder blades pined back together 


Third Ice Hockey Workout – Bent Over Barbell Row

Predominantly this exercise will engage all of your back muscles, but your legs and core will be engaged as stabilisers. as a hockey players, we’re engaging our core to develop strength in all positions of your game, from shooting, passing to checking. 

BEST Ice Hocke Workout dryland gym bent over barbell row

Main points 

  • Keep knees slightly bent 
  • Chest over 
  • Back flat thought-out whole movement 
  • Stretch arms all the way down as you pull up 
  • Shoulders come back, your elbows come through your body 
  • Squeeze back muscles 


Fourth Ice Hockey Workout – Push Press

Predominantly an upper body shoulder exercise, but will be using it to develop power. We’ll be doing this by engaging our legs during the workout. We need this upper body strength in all aspects of a hockey game, when shooting, checking moving players on the ice.

BEST Ice Hocke Workout dryland gym push press

Main points 

  • Fast reps
  • engage legs and shoulders 
  • Feet around hip width apart 
  • Drop your hips and drive up 
  • Drive up with your legs
  • Arms come above your head

Fifth Ice Hockey Workout – Bench Press

Another compound exercise that will engage, its gonna work your chest and triceps. 

BEST Ice Hocke Workout dryland gym bench press

Main points

  • Lower back always on bench 
  • Bar comes all the way down to your chest
  • Drive up back explosively to develop power


BEST Ice Hocke Workout dryland gym strength and conditioning


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