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How to take a snap shot – Holding your stick

Correct hand placement on your stick will help provide you with the best level of control and power. Top hand of course sits at the top of the stick with your palms facing in. Use your forearm length to help decide how far your bottom hand needs to be place on your stick (drop the bottom hand a couple inches lower). You’ll want your palms facing out on your bottom hand.


Forearm guide 



Palms on stick 



How to take a snap shot – Puck positioning 

Have the puck to the side of your stance, where you would have the puck while stickhandling. This will not only help you have a great level of control on the puck, but also allow you to snap a quick unexpected shot and catch the goalie off guard.



How to take a snap shot – taking the shot

Because the Snap Shot doesn’t have any preparation, you’ll be using your arms and stick flex to get the power and speed you’ll need to score. Have your hands far enough out in front of your body to allow you to snap back with your top hand, and push forward with the bottom (this is where the snap in Snap Shot comes from). 

Snap back with top hand.


Push forward with bottom hand.




How to take a snap shot – weight transfer 

With this method of Snap Shot being a quick unexpected shot, you’ll want to use the skate furthest from the puck to dig into the ice and help you generate power. Use your inside edge on your skate furthest from the puck. Remember to utilise the flex on your stick by leaning into the stick shaft during the snap shot



Remember to follow through pointing your stick blade in the direction you want the puck to go.





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