Off Ice Hockey Workout Exercise Bosu Squat Build Balance, leg and core muscles

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This off ice hockey workout is designed to improve your balance, core muscles for skating and shooting the puck as all of these skills require good core muscle strength. This easy to perform routine will also strengthen and build your leg muscles. The great thing about this workout is that it requires minimal equipment and can be performed anywhere, your also free to perform this workout with or without weight (or even increase the amount of weight you carry). Remember to work at your own level which gives you the flexibility to add or subtract weight.


  • Bosu
  • weights (if required)
  • small space to practice


  • Develop toe to finger-tip system strength
  • strengthen low stance when skating
  • Build core muscles
  • Build leg muscles
  • Build balance in hockey and power skating


Key points

  • Knees bent
  • Squat position
  • Shoulders and hips facing forwards
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Back straight

How to perform

Step onto the bosu, while balancing get into the squat position (remember the key points above) your hands should be shoulder hight, close to your body and facing forward. Next you need to squat down and up (remembering to triple extend at the ankles knees and hip) remember the key points of shoulders and hips facing forwards, feet shoulder width apart and back straight (not bent).


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