Slap Shot – How to Take A Slap Shot Hockey Video Tutorial – Improve Slap Shot technique and accuracy

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Slap Shot – How to Take A Slap Shot Video Ice Hockey Tutorial

The slap shot is the least accurate shot in hockey but it is also the most powerful. When practicing any of the shots, first develop accuracy than power. This will make you a better hockey player. A strong slap shot can overpower a goaltender but for the most part the shot is most effective when the goaltender is screened from seeing the shot or when it is deflected in by one of your teammates or even a defender.


Have your knees bent and feet around shoulder apart

Hand placement

Your top hand as always remains at the top of the stick, bottom hand should be around half way to down the shaft, you need to leave yourself space to allow your stick to flex, this is where the power from your slap shot comes from, the flexing of the stick. Do not place your bottom hand more than half way down your stick shaft like some players do to lift the puck off the ice, this is bad technique.

Placement of puck in relation to your body or stance

Keep the puck in between your two skates. Normally in line or behind your front foot


Draw your stick back to around shoulder level and your weight should shift to your back leg. Do not lift your stick to high as you’ll have less control, some believe by lifting their stick higher, you generate more power.. NOT TRUE

Begin to bring the stick down towards the puck with your top hand pulling and your bottom hand pushing.

Transfer the weight from your back foot to your front foot. Remember to impact the ice a few inches behind the puck, this allows your stick to flex generating more power and speed.


Lean into the shot by using your entire body.


Snap your wrists when your stick strikes the puck. Follow through with your stick blade pointing at the target

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