The Easton Stealth S15

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The Easton Stealth S15

The Easton family of product is probably best known for their one piece Synergy hockey sticks, but they are starting to develop great products in the skate market. This is especially true with their Stealth S15 model

The Stealth S15 is the lightest skate on the market and features a very unique one peice carbon fiber boot. At mid adult sizes this skate is less than 700 grams! With a skate that light, additional speed and performance is quite possible.

Here are a few of the other specifications for the Stealth S15 skate:

Stealth Padlock – anatomical EPE foam ankle shape to eliminate any heel slippage

Unique molded performance tongue with EPE foam and built in protection from lacebite

Bio-Dri Pilgrim Grip liner that adds additional stability, comfort, and moisture reduction

New Easton sublimated Bio-Dril Composite footbed with removable heel lift

Razor Bladz II Holder with Swedish stainless steel runner

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