MLX Ice Hockey Skates Review

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MLX Skates Review –

Video version of review with MLX Skates

How long they’ve been out – early 2010 July

Weight – 852Grams 2.0lbs

Water protection – the MLX Skates feature vets on the foot bed and also on the bottom of the skates, this helps to remove heat and moisture from the skates to keep your feet comfortable and also to prevent the skates from picking up unwanted weight.

Foot bed excellent moisture management which vets to remove heat and moisture, the button of the foot bed is designed to prevent unwanted movement inside the skate during use

Inside skate base materials aircraft grade composite for good energy transfer, traditional hockey skates are made from plastic or leather which breaks down much quicker, you may get use to the skates, but you will be losing performance. The foam base of the skate is treated foam to prevent water intake and smell hydrophobic liner.  Under the foam is the proprietary composite shell, which absorbs zero water, which is 100% hydrophobic.

Outside material – Abrasion resistant aircraft grade composite casing around the back on the skate, the bottom of the skate is protected by a carbon fibber/Kevlar mixture, MLX Skates are the only skates on the market to use Kevlar casing for protection and durability, and this offers incredible protection against blocking puck shots. When the MLX skates composite takes a shot, it will disperse energy away from your foot. A typical skate will cave in, transferring the force directly to your foot and then rebound back to its normal shape, meaning your foot took most of the impact which usually results in serious injury.

The composite support structure of the MLX skate is designed to withstand the normal impacts from the puck and stick during a hockey game, and doesn’t scratch as easily as other materials.

Plastic toe cap reinforced with aircraft grade composite, The MLX Skates gives you a very comfortable close fit around the toe (not to tight and not to lose), which is essential for motion and power transfer from your feet to the blades or the skates.

Tongue thermal plastic material (perfect size for if you like your tongue tucked inside or out, it offers you flexibility for a full range of motion and also protection from lace bit with a lace bit bar.

Overall structure of the skate, adjustable and replaceable tongue for a perfect fit, heel support is also replaceable, this is a excellent feature as once I’ve owned a pair of skates for more than a year, the heel support always seems to break down and soften, which reduced overall performance, this is a problem that is not always present in both skates, but normally your dominate foot, the heel support always softens on that first, which reduced your overall performance. With the MLX Skates, the heel support is reinforce and is replaced able, so if they ever does happen, the problem can be quickly resolved.

Blade – the MLX Skates can also have the blades position changed to suit the skater’s style; the blades can be adjusted to the left, right or centre of the skate depending on preference and skating style. The blade can also be replaced after serious use if necessary.

“This is going to revolutionize the way ice hockey is played”. The problem with typical ice hockey skates is that blade holders are not easily adjustable. They’re riveted into a “one size fits all” position that is nowhere near optimal for the way you skate. Everybody has different techniques and body designs that require unique treatment for optimal performance. Whether you’re bow-legged, push more forward, or lean backwards on your skates, you need to position your blade so that it matches your unique style of skating.

You can’t fully push on your skate if the blade isn’t completely underneath you. When your blade isn’t centred underneath you, you have to compensate in your stride, which slows you down.
So many people are so poorly set up think they’re not good skaters. Most skaters don’t make adjustments to their blade position because they’re either unaware of how important it is or because the process is long and inconvenient. Typically, adjusting a skate blade requires a special machine and about an hour of time. Enter MLX.”



Reason for each rating in video version

Keeping in mind, it’s all about about performance

Boot structure – 7
Comfort – 10
Durability – 9
Visual – 8
Performance – 9
Weight – 7










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