How To Improve Your Balance On The Ice For Power Skating, Extreme Ice Skating Or Ice Hockey

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Do you feel that the people at the skating rink seem to have a much better balance than you? You are a fairly good skater, but you seem to be having some difficulties at staying balanced on the ice. You wonder if it is the boot they are wearing that might create such firm grips into the ice, and you are hoping to find any skates that will keep you better balanced. While if your blades are not well sharpened, you may drift on the ice, but balance in general depends a lot on your center of gravity.

The more you skate the better your balance. In time you will develop strong abs. These muscles are formed by just simply standing on the ice. You might not be aware of it but by just standing on the ice you are using your abs. But I would also recommend that you do pilates as off ice training for balance and muscle strength building. Believe it or not you can also use the Wii fit balance board, its a fun and great way to build balance and  leg strength, it features four main areas: yoga, strength training, aerobic exercise, balance training. It is not a replacement for off-ice training, however, it can be very helpful.

To improve your balance, you need to work on your leg and your core muscles the most. Any kind of stretches and, also balance boards may be helpful

One of the best and cheapest methods is a ball and a plank of wood or metal (something that will not bend or break under your weight) balancing on a balance board while stickhandling or even simply trying to keep your balance is a great way to build you leg strength from home.


Different styles of balance boards

Balance board


You can put your back flat to the wall and go into a sitting position and then make sure that your legs are at a 90-degree angle. A weak lower body is equal to little or no balance on the ice. You will need to work on your arms and upper body as well. Find a point of focus. Concentrate on something in front of you; if you look at your feet, you tend to fall easier. When you glide while skating, do not push off your toes, try and push off from the side of your skate. When you glide, you want to bend a lot into your knees and push off the ice (to the side) hard with your edges.


Leg Swing

Start at the goal line at either end of the ice rink, begin by skating towards the opposite goal line.

Lift your knee on your left leg off the ice in line with your waist (or 90degrees from your chest) swing your knee back and forth 3 without letting your skate touch the ice.

Then repeat with the opposite leg.


Knee drop

Starting at the goal line, skates towards to other goal line while dropping down onto 1 knee with your left leg while skating.

Allowing your right leg to be dragged behind, hold this position for 6 seconds while maintaining balance and travelling in a straight line.

Switch legs over and repeat until you reach the end of the rink.


Pop Ups

Start at one goal line.

Go toward the other goal line, skating at full speed.

Drop down onto your knees at the first blue line. Pop back up to your feet before the red line.

Start back the other way when you reach the opposite goal line. Do this without resting.

Drop flat onto your belly at the first blue line this time. Pop back up to your feet, trying to get up before the red line but definitely before the blue line.

Repeat four times.

One Skates

Start at one goal line, skating hard toward the other goal line.

Lift your right skate off the ice at the first blue line. Hold it as high on your side as possible.

Wiggle your left skate from side to side to give yourself forward momentum (do this by applying your body on to each edge of your left skate inside then outside edge, inside then outside edge) while your right skate is off the ice.

Skate on one foot until you get to the opposite goal line.

Keep your leg up until you come to a full stop if you can’t make it all the way.

Skate back, this time lifting your left skate off the ice at the first blue line.

Repeat four times


Knee Ups

Start at one goal line, skating hard toward the other goal line.

Lift your right knee to your chest at the first blue line.

Put your stick around the front of your knee pad to hold your knee high. Your foot should be as far off the ice as you can get it.

Hold this position until you reach the next blue line and then skate normally to the goal line.

Skate back, this time using your left knee.

Repeat five times.

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