Green Biscuit Training Puck Review "Go Green!"

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Green Biscuit (best off ice training puck) product review

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The Green Biscuit is an off-ice hockey training puck that is designed to help hockey players develop their passing and stickhandling while practicing on a varity of rough or smooth surfaces. The largest problem with regular or street pucks is that they will only slide properly on VERY smooth surfaces or ice (in the case of the standard puck) it is increadibly frustrating and nearly impossible to stickhandle and pass with a regular puck off the ice. A number of companies have tried to create a product that can replicate the feeling of a puck on ice, but few have done this successfully.

Introducing the Green Biscuit

The Green Biscuit replicates the feeling and movement of a puck on ice, while practicing on a large variety of surfaces both rough and smooth.

Detailed look at the Green Biscuit

[youtube height=338 width=600][/youtube]

We take a detailed look at the design of the Green Biscuit.

Green Biscuit Design

The Green Biscuit uses a unique patented design to improve the pucks ability to slide, and minimize the amount of times the puck flips over. The Green Biscuit kind of looks like two circular disks sandwiched together, but instead of bread its made of two pieces of plastic, three bolts, and some rubber spacers. Let’s take a closer look at each component of the puck.

Structural design
The top and bottom of the Green Biscuit is designed to reduce friction. This is done in two ways, the first is by using a “very slippery type of plastic” (Tom Pederson,Company President) The second by reducing contact points between the puck and the surface you are using it on.

Taking a closer look at the puck, you can see the plastic pieces have a recessed area which reduces the area of the puck that touches the ground. This smart design reduces friction and replicating the feeling of a puck on ice.

Inside the Green Biscuit

In inside of the GB contains there are three bolts which are cushioned by three rubber spacers. These rubber spacers help reduce vibration that would cause other training pucks to flip over (placing the Green Biscuit in a league of its own). The two individual pieces that make up the Green Biscuit also act like a hockey puck suspension system. The pieces act independently from each other, so the top piece can tilt, while the bottom piece will still slide flat along the surface its on.




Does the Green Biscuit actually Work?

We have tested the Green Biscuit out on a number of different surfaces and it  works like a charm, be sure to watch our new video of us testing it out in a huge car park.

Where to Buy the Green Biscuit?

Find the Green Biscuit (and other cool hockey gear) at


Look at some of the rough surfaces we tested the Green Biscuit on !

Works surprisingly well on both!

For the Full Video Review – Click here!

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