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New Off ice Ice Hockey Training Products Coming To The United Kingdom Only From

(Buy it here – Green Biscuit for the UK and EU)

The Best Off ice Training Puck !

Meet the Green Biscuit (GB)

The Green Biscuit is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop passing and stickhandling skills that will blow your competition away.  The Biscuit weighs about 25grams less than a hockey puck but with the added friction from the concrete or asphalt it acts just like the real thing on ice. Try it and you will agree! The GB is not made for shooting, it is a passing and stickhandling puck. Your surface doesn’t have to be perfect for the green biscuit, but the better the surface the better the performance. Pass the Green Biscuit with your team/friends on dry land and watch your stick handling improve.



The United Kingdom’s First Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

  • Our Small size 47cm by 100cm (as shown in the picture with JuvenileE6)
  • Common pro size 76.2cm by 152.4cm
  • Our custom large size 100cm by 200cm
  • Comment for more information and prices

These product will be coming to the United Kingdom for the first time and will be reviewed by the team

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