UK Winter Classic – First Outdoor Pond Hockey Style Tournament

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Hockeytutorial organised the UK’s first outdoor pond hockey style tournament to share the pond hockey experience with UK hockey players. We named this event The UK Winter Classics. Because of the nature of the weather in the UK, playing pond hockey isn’t something that is really possible here. We simply don’t have the climate or weather conditions for it. Late in the summer of 2014 Chris Curtis and myself came up with the concept to host an outdoor hockey tournament using the temporary ice rinks that are set up all over the country for Christmas and the winter period.IMG_0535 IMG_0592 IMG_0506 IMG_0601

Despite all of the hiccups that occurred some major and also minor, I think we can all agree that this event was a complete success. We were able to give the UK hockey players something a lot of them had never experienced before, playing hockey outdoors. With the support of our hockey community we hope to bring this event back sometime soon.

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