T’blade detailed video review – Tblades runner and hockey advantages and disadvantages

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What is t’blade?

The t’blade system describes a blade system for ice skates. It is based on unique innovative technology and is a relatively “young” product. The development took place as a result of urgent need to create a blade system which does not require a time-consuming and cost-intensive sharpening process and at the same time offers superior gliding characteristics.
The original idea for the t’blades is based on the simple and quick exchange of the runners, as soon as the running surface respectively the edges of the blade are worn (similar to the razor principle & and the replacement of the razor blades). The runners, which are made nearly completely of plastic, are equipped with a thin metal band which represents the actual running surface.
In addition to the runner described above, the t’blade system also consists of the blade holder and a stabilizer which serves to fasten the runner.

Which advantages does t’blade offer over conventional ice skate blades?

Manufacturing the runners by machine achieves precision which cannot be achieved by sharpening a blade by hand – the absolutely constant
rocker form as well as the exact hollow radius profile.

Additionally, the combination of plastic and metal provides huge advantages:

  • Due to the very small metal mass (approx. 5.5g), the contact area (gliding area) of the runner can warm up faster and to a higher degree. In connection with the highly polished gliding area, this results in up to 40% better gliding characteristics when compared with traditional ice skate blades. The t in t’blade describes exactly these thermal characteristics which are improved by the plastic in the runner acting as an insulator. In addition, the t-blade blade is the lightest ice skate blade on the market.


  • By using a stainless and fracture-resistant spring steel. the metal band of the runner has an enormous edge hardness of 54 HRC (570 HV) which achieves a useful life 4 times longer than traditional steel blades. (Heat generation during the traditional sharpening process significantly reduces edge hardness – by approx. 30 %.)


  • Additionally, good maneuverability, high cornering speed, and maximum braking deceleration are achieved. The elastic recovery effect of the runner also provides better acceleration behavior.


  • By using fibrous plastic (glass or carbon fiber) a maximum rigidity and resistance against fracture of all components in temperatures of up to -25?(-13°F) is achieved.

What does the t in t’blade stand for?

The “t” in connection with the red flame stands for the superior thermal characteristics of the t’blade blade system. Through the globally unique technology of our ice skate blade, an up to 4 degree Celsius (7.2 degree F) higher surface temperature is achieved (without adding externally generated heat) in the ice contact area of the gliding surface (metal strip).
The thus generated, localized heating of the runner gliding surface results in a perfect water film with the resulting known and superior gliding characteristics of the t’blade blade system.

Can / must t’blade runners be sharpened ?

No! The t’blade runners cannot be sharpened like traditional ice skate blades. This would result in melting the plastic in the area of the metal strip. Should the runner no longer offer sufficient edge support, it can at any time be replaced simply and quickly with a new runner.
Your t’blade dealer carries replacement runners. For fixing smaller “dents” and irregularities in the metal strip, we recommend using a grinding stone.

How long does a t’blade runner last?

The t’blade runner, on average, has a 4-5 times longer useful life than a conventional ice skate sharpening. Despite the fact that the metal strip (running strip) is made of especially hard spring steel, an unintentional edge contact (concrete, goal post) will inevitably lead to defects. We, therefore, recommend treating the runner with the same care as any other ice skate blade.

Why do I need different hollows respectively gliding surface lengths?

The many different hollows and gliding surface lengths allow every user to react to the varying temperatures of the ice surface in accordance with his/her skating abilities and body weight. A shorter rocker (S) provides better maneuverability, a longer one (L) provides more linear stability.
Depending on the condition of the ice, a very deep hollow radius (9,11) ensures better edge support; a shallower radius (13,15,…) better gliding ability.

The rule of thumb says: The harder the ice surface, the smaller (9,11) the hollow radius that should be selected. The softer the ice surface, the larger (15,18) the hollow radius.


I am trying the t’blade system for the first time. Which runner should I use?

We generally sell all our blade systems and ice skates with a factory-installed M-13 runner. This has been established as a standard and offers both, beginners and advanced skaters, good edge support and sufficient gliding characteristics. The majority of our users fares quite well with this arrangement.
For new t’blade users, we recommend more a slightly deeper hollow radius (11,9), in order to get used to the special running characteristics of the t’blade system. Due to the mechanical production of our runners, these have an extremely smooth surface, which offers very good gliding characteristics, but may require initially a brief settling-in phase for some users.

Why are t’blades noisier than traditional steel blades?

Through the high plastics content in the runner, an enormous flexibility is achieved in comparison to a conventional steel blade which, for example, is indicated by high cornering speeds and an improved acceleration behavior. The elastic recovery effect – that is, the distortion of the runner – leads, in particular during high loads (skating curves), to a clearly audible sound.

Do I need a certain body weight to skate on t’blades?

No. It is true that a heavier user respectively player can better exploit certain advantages of our system, such as extremely tight curve radii. This is simply due to his/her higher body weight and the fact that he/she can thus exert more pressure on the t’blade system and the extremely flexible runner.
When skating curves, the flexibility of the runner produces an additional steering effect which permits a higher cornering speed and an undreamed of maneuverability on the ice. It is wrong, however, to assume that lighter users or players cannot use the t’blade system. They are just not yet able to make a 100% use of all of the system’s advantages. Based on the excellent system stability, the t’blade blade can take user weight loads of a maximum of 120 kg (264 lbs.).

Which is my system size (blade length)?

Our blade systems have millimeter data and are organized into the following sizes: 248-256-264-272-280-288-300. Should you already use a t’blade system, you can find the appropriate size information

  • directly on the runner. for example M-11-272: The last numbers (272) identify the system length
  • as small numbers on the rear, inner side of the stabilizer
  • on the blade holder (on the projected area of the stabilizers).

From which shoe size on can I use t’blades?

Currently, the smallest t’blade system length is the blade system size 248mm. This corresponds approximately to the European shoe size 36.5.

Can I install my t’blade runner system by myself?

In order to ensure correct and professional mounting, we recommend having the t’blade blade system mounted by trained personnel at your specialized retailer’s only.

What does the designation M-11-272 on the runner mean, for example?

The designation M-11-272 identifies, in sequence, the gliding surface length (M), the hollow radius (11), and the system size of the runner (272mm). Altogether, our runners are available in three gliding surfaces (S,M,L) and six hollow radii (9,11,13,15,18,21). You can find a detailed description in the blade system area (runner).

Why do I need the t’blade system wrench?

The system wrench is needed for replacing the runner. With the system wrench, you can loosen respectively tighten the special stabilizer screws.

Can I change my t’blade runner everywhere?

Yes, with the t’blade blade system you are completely independent. The only thing required for the simple and quick replacement of the t’blade runner is the included system wrench. Thus, you are never dependent on the sharpening skills of others and will be back in the game, respectively on the ice “in a jiffy”. For our t’blade pros we recommend using the steel bit as an inset in the cordless screwdriver for an even faster replacement.

What does the t’blade blade system consist of?

The entire t’blade blade system (holder, stabilizer, runner) consists of – with the exception of the clips – an especially reinforced glass fiber plastic material. Additionally, the system is available as a carbon variant (holder made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic).

What is the difference between a standard holder and a carbon holder?

In contrast to our standard holder, the carbon holder is not reinforced with glass fiber, but with carbon fiber. Apart from an additional weight saving, it offers the user better transfer of force and is also torsionally extremely stiff.
The carbon holder’s surface is finished with an elegant carbon film and available in the system sizes 256-300mm. The carbon holder can, of course, be freely combined with all system parts (stabilizer, runner, clip) of the standard system.

Should I test different hollows and gliding surfaces?

We recommend that. The t’blade blade system has been designed to offer every user optimal skating conditions at any time. Our product pages (blade systems) show a runner description which identifies the characteristics of the different runner types.

Are all runners available in the colors white and black?

No. In principle, all runner variants are only offered in the color white (standard). In addition, variants M-11 and M-13 are also available in the color black. Less common variants (e.g., M-18, S-15, or L-15) may possibly still be available in black.

Is there a difference between white and black runners?

No. Manufacturing as well as all material and running characteristics of the white and black runners are absolutely identical, only the color of the plastic material varies.

Where can I purchase t’blades?

You can purchase the complete t’blade product line at your local ice hockey retailer’s. Should he not have the desired t’blade product in stock, he can order the product(s) directly from us. Please note that delivery make take several days/weeks, depending on product and season. We would, therefore, ask you to order the desired articles from your retailer in good time.
For the “on-line” generation, our retailers naturally offer numerous Web shops, just use the common search engines for this purpose.

What color options exist?

Generally, there are countless possible combinations. Please visit our product pages (blade systems) for your individual combination of holder, stabilizer, clip and runner.

Can I freely select the color combinations?

In principal, all color combinations can be freely selected. In addition to the standard colors (colored plastic) we also offer metallic variants. These are covered by a metallic finish. Please note that all metallic stabilizers will only be sold with the clip in the same color. Naturally, clips in other colors may be purchased separately.

Can one test the t’blade blade systems?

Regrettably, we are currently not offering a t’blade test campaign. However, we will always keep you informed about campaigns in our NEWS section.

I am a player / referee in a club – is there a possibility of getting sponsored?

The t’blade company supports the players (juniors and seniors) of the German national team as well as DEL-,2. Bundesliga (national league) players and referees Please contact us in this regard.

Does the t’blade system have disadvantages when compared with conventional steel blades?

Other than a certain settling-in phase, no. If you have read our whole FAQ section, you will certainly agree with us in this respect.

I have lost screws/nuts from the stabilizer. Where can I get some?

Screw sets (1 set = for 1 pair of stabilizers), consisting of screws, nuts, and retaining washers can be reordered from your t’blade retailer or our Web shop at any time.

My t’blade system is defect. What do I do now?

Should, contrary to expectations, any part of the system (holder, stabilizer, runner) break, we recommend immediate replacement to ensure skating safety. Holders, stabilizers, and runners can be purchased in pairs from your local retailer and should also be replaced in pairs.

What are the holes in the edge of the sole of the t’blade holder needed for?

The holes serve for the easy installation of the t’blade holders on the ice skate boot and permit an accurate positioning of the blade system. The blade holder is fastened to the sole of the shoe by rivets or RMS screws.

Can t’blades be used for figure skating?

No. The t’blade blade was developed for ice hockey and leisure sports and, therefore, does not possess the required technical prerequisites for figure skating (toe picks and extended rear section).

Are skate guards needed?

We recommend to our users the use of a t’blade blade guard, as our t’blade runner’s edges are very sharp due to the special spring steel. This guard not only protects the user from injuries, but also protects the blade. In addition, our blade guard has a rubberized rocker which is optimally suited for moving around outside the ice surface (e.g., on concrete).

I would like to place a link on your Website. Am I permitted to do so?

Certainly. We are delighted to have raised your interest in t’blade. You can find the appropriate banners and buttons for your Web page, including the appropriate source code, in our download section. Should your page be interesting for us (fan page, information page, etc.), you can also send us an e-mail with a reference to your page and the corresponding banner, if applicable. We will then incorporate this page in our link list.

I have additional questions! Where can I find additional information?

Should you (as a retailer or consumer) have questions about specific t’blade products, feel free to send us an e-mail to the following address: info@t-blade.net

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