MLX Skates Review – Follow Up Review of MLX Ice Hockey Skates (Customer Feedback)

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“Nathans insight of the MLX Skates”

“They are superb.

What a difference from regular skates. I’ve always struggled to get a perfect heel lock and the MLX skates finally give me that.

The heat molding really does customise the skate to my foot like no other skate ive ever owned.

I also love the low volume toe box and neutral stance of the skate.

The profiled sides of the skates allow me to corner alot tighter than with my Bauers.The Bauers would grind off the sides of the footplate when i took a tight turn, the MLX’s just let me skate the way i want to.

The flexible tendon guard was really noticeable, you can feel it working when you take a full stride & there isn’t any restriction to my stride pattern as the skate comforms to what i need, not me changing my stride to suit the skate as with the Bauers.

On a cosmetic note, personally i think the skate looks great, i love the traditional black look. The only thing that i would change would be to have a black torx screw and washer on the tounge/toe cap fixing.

The junior players that have seen my skates made the same comment, they loved the look of the skate but the silver screw/washer on the front put them off.

I am VERY happy with the skates and the service I received from MLX and they have a customer for years to come.”    (Nathan)


MLX Skates are the only skate manufacture that will replace your blade free of charge in the event of an in game break (if the blade is broken by a puck and the skates are within the manufactures warranty)

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