Combat Hockey 45 Cal Reloaded Composite Ice Hockey Stick Review

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“Used by many NHL players as a stick of choice (not sponsorship!)”

Combat 45CAL Reloaded Stick – New for 2011New! The 45CAL stick has been reloaded for this model year, complete with a new flat black paint job.


Featuring Axenic Technology, the 45 Cal puts the player in direct contact with the ice, providing a more consistent and reliable product with a “feel” that is superior to even a traditional wood product. The shaft has a unique rounded profile which, when coupled with the submarine-grade foam core blade with Active Bond Technology, delivers performance that mirrors the highest end sticks on the market at a mid-range price point.


The 45 Cal continues to be the “BEST VALUE” dollar for dollar on the market today.


* 45 Caliber has been redesigned for 2011

* Improved durability – Greater impact strength – Higher blade strength

* Improved balance point

* Lighter overall weight – At 460 grams, it’s comparable to competitors flagship products

* 3K carbon weave on entire blade

* Soft Touch Grip Coating

* Sleek Matte Finish


Weight: 460 grams

Finish: Regular

Flex: 70, 80, 90, 100



Heel Curve Round (HCR) – Similar to Drury

Iginla Curve – (IC) – Similar to Iginla

Mid Curve – (MC) – Similar to Modano

Toe Curve – (TC) – Similar to Sakic

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