What is Bauer NeuroShield and how does it work ? Neuro Shield Overview

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Neuroshield is a collar worn around the neck.

NeuroShield uses the body’s own physiology to help stabilize the brain by applying light pressure to the neck. *Currently only available in Canada. Subject to change. More information – Bauer Neuroshield


Bauer Neuroshield_0608

How does Neuroshield work ?


This light pressure slightly increases blood volume in the venous structures around the brain, an effect similar to a yawn or lying down. This helps reduce movement of the brain within the skull.

Bauer Neuroshield_4610

How does Neuroshield it fit?

Each NeuroShield is custom fitted at the time of purchase with eight collar-size options to ensure the best fit around the neck.

Bauer Neuroshield_4617 Bauer Neuroshield_4615 Bauer Neuroshield_4609

Full video!

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