What is Bauer 37.5

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What is Bauer 37.5?

37.5-Logo37.5 is fabric used in Bauer top end equipment that evaporates sweat, creating the fastest drying fabric in hockey. 37.5 Technology is said to increase performance by keeping body temperature at an ideal level (37.5° Celsius), giving players more energy to put back into their game.


The overall goal of this new technology is to maintain the ideal humidity level and temperature for the body, which is 37.5° Celsius, throughout the whole game. The issue with standard base layer and protective equipment fabrics is that all they do is wick away moisture instead of getting rid of it, in other words “wick”just means move around. The moisture often has nowhere to go once a certain level of sweat and water builds up. 37.5 utilizes tiny active particles inside of the fibers that capture water and release vapor. These particles react to body heat, meaning the harder the players body is working, the harder the technology works too.

graphicFull video coming soon!

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