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Warming up your goalie is super important, it allows them to play at at their best and a also reduce the risk of injury due to improper warm ups. We see so many players doing things they shouldn’t do during warm ups so we’ve created a short video to help spread word.

How To Properly Warm Up Your Hockey Goalie – Do’s and Don’t

Don’t shoot while your goalie is setting up the goalie. Goalies have little to no padding on their backs, this means if its even a light shot, it could really hurt them. Be respectful and don’t shot while their back is turned.


If your goalie isn’t making eye contact with you, DON’T SHOOT! That means they aren’t ready for the shot.


It’s a warm up, you aren’t trying to score goals, save your energy for the score board. Communicate with your goalie and find out how they’d like to be warmed up.Don’t be the player that has to try and dangle 10seconds into warm up. Do it right!


Don’t take high slap shots, they doesn’t help your goalie warm up. Head shots will only put your goalie in a bad mood. Be respectful.



Warming up your goalie properly will benefit your entire team. A great warm up will ensure everyone especially your goalie is in the best frame of mind before a game. Share these tips with someone that needs them.

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